Opening March 7th:

What is Susan’s Secret?

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Audition Notice

Murder Inn – Written by: Howard Voland and Keith McGregor

Directed by: Ken VanDyk       Email: kennethvandyk711@comcast.netCell: 856-237-5253

Show Dates: Friday – May 2, Saturday – May 3, Sunday – May 4, Friday – May 9, Saturday – May 10 and Sunday, May 11.


AUDITIONS: Sunday, March 9 and Monday, March 10 – 7:30pm.

WHERE:  Holy Trinity Episcopal Church – 11 N. Monroe Avenue, Wenonah, NJ


Jake Talbot  - (20’s) Son of the owner of the Barnsley Inn. A sturdy, no-nonsense young man.

Martha Talbot  - (50’s) Owner of the Barnsley; cantankerous, short and plump, gray hair.

Agnes Tate – “Middle Aged (40-50’s)” Meddlesome, antagonistic, sarcastic, inconsiderate. Everyone’s murder victim of choice.

Carolyn Pickett – (20’s) Niece and traveling companion for Agnes; attractive and unassuming.

Ellen Halsey – (25-35) The tour guide, attractive and professional.

Muriel Lampmann – Middle Aged (40-50+) Petite and …ethereal. A true believer in the occult. An airhead of sorts, but very sweet.

Patricia Simpson – Middle Aged (40-50+) Reserved, nervous, always tense.

Todd Currier – (20’s) Congenial, intelligent and well dressed in a casual way.

Lawrence Currier – (Mid to Late 50+) A college professor on sabbatical, doing research for a book. Widowed in the last couple of years. Distinguished and intellectual.

Grace Sharp – (60’s) A retired school teacher; she’s petite and “fluffy” and looks helpless, which by no means is the case.

Doris Brooks – (60’s) Retired nurse practitioner. Matter-of-fact and sarcastic.

Donald Schultz – (In his 40’s) The van driver. Physically either heavy or very thin.

** Some of the characters have flexibility as to age.


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Opening in May

Murder Inn

By Howard Voland, Keith McGregor

Directed by: Ken Vandyk

Show dates:

Friday –  May 2, Saturday – May 3, Sunday – May 4, Friday – May – 9, Saturday – May 10, Sunday – May 11











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