Audition Notice

 Dashing Through The Snow

Directed by Gary Kochey, Gary’s Contact: 609-634-2225

Performance Dates:  Friday – November 7th, Saturday – November 8th, Friday – November 14th, Saturday – November 15th, Sunday – November 16th

 Audition Dates: Tuesday – September 2, Wednesday – September 3rd

Where: Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 11 N. Monroe Avenue, Wenonah, NJ

Time: 7:00 pm

Seeking actors between the ages of 25 to 80+


Auditioners will be performing reading from the play

 Character Summary: 

Trina Walcott – Inn Keeper, Bright and bubbly

Cuddles – Matronly Women, Mrs. Claus

Ennis Puckett – 80’s – Curmudgeonly and Sharp-tongued

Donna Jo Austin – Brash and Spunky

Della Crowder – 80’s – Feisty, Sweet-Faced little Old Lady

Lenora Benedict – Self Involved Prima Donna

Paulette Coogan – Blunt, Humorless Stage/Road Manager

Twink Futrelle Buntner – Determined and Practical

Honey Raye Futrelle – Sexy and Vivacious

Frankie Futrelle Dubberly – Sensible and Down to Earth

Rhonda Lynn Lampley – Spunky and Saucy



Binky – Spry, Energetic Man – Elf

Hoyt Ledford – Anxious Man with an Agenda

Ainsley Danforth – Pompous, Overly Dramatic Actor

Raynerd Chisum – Uncomplicated and Childlike







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