Dinner Theatre Fundraiser

Audition Notice:  Done to Death

By Fred Carmichael


Directed by Jeanne Gold

Produced by Juliann Pomykacz


Audition Date: Monday, April 6 – Time: 7:00

Where:  Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 11 N. Monroe Avenue, Wenonah, NJ

Show Date: Thursday – June 11, 2015

Open auditions – Callbacks if needed

Cold readings from script.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

Show Synopsis

The story alternates between reality and imagination as five mystery writers wrestle with the problem of writing a television mystery series. All around them murders occur and each writer takes a turn at solving them in his own style. Five once famous mystery writers (a couple who only write the most sophisticated of murders, a young author of the James Bond school, a retired writer of the hard-hitting method and an aging Queen of the logical murder) involve the audience as they explore their own methods of investigation on a series of murders. Finally, a member of the house staff is murdered, and the laughter reaches its peak for the final curtain.

 Cast of Characters

Jessica Olive – an extremely attractive and sophisticated woman in her middle to late thirties. To her, everything is a joke with a reason to laugh. She and her husband are the epitome of the rich, devil-may-care type of characters who used to be so prevalent in mystery stories and they play their characters to the hilt.

Whitney Olive – a few years older than Jessica, he matches her in wit and sophistication. Always the perfect gentleman, he might well have walked out of the pages of Esquire.

Mildred Z. Maxwell – is very determined and opinionated. She often has a sharp way of speaking, although she is a friendly soul. In her late fifties or early sixties.

 Brad Benedict – he is much younger than the others and is very shy and retiring, quite the opposite from the characters he writes. He has a quiet sense of humor which manifests itself in a small grin when he has been amusing, but usually he takes a back seat and admires the others.

Rodney Duckton – the oldest of the five authors, but he is extremely vital and constantly interested in everything that goes on. There develops a small rivalry between him and Mildred and a small generation gap noticeable between him and Brad. He is always full of boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Jason Summers – a man in his thirties. He has a nervous air about him, plus an always-eager-to-please-everyone attitude that makes him seem on the verge of collapse.

Stagehand (doubles as Man) – he is unimpressed by anything that happens around him.

Jane - she is an eager, young, and pretty maid but one suspects, for a time, that her naïveté is not all pure.

Gregory (doubles as Monster)- the butler. He somehow looks remarkably like Dracula with his dark, penetrating eyes and deep widow’s peak hairline. When he speaks, it is in a deep, middle-European accent.

George - about thirty. He speaks in a very soft and sophisticated voice which almost purrs his villainy. A wide-brimmed hat covers most of his face and dark glasses cover his eyes. He has an overcoat over his shoulders and wears his left arm in a sling.

Martha (Doubles as Secretary) – typical of the thirties movies, she wears a stunning negligee and jewels on her neck and both wrists. Her hair is done in a severe style and she speaks with the voice of a hardened woman of the world.

Girl (Doubles as Stephanie)- the epitome of the twenties ingénue. Her eyes are widened to their fullest circle with pure innocence. Her hair is a mass of curls and when she moves it is in the manner of the early movies.

Stephanie Mildaur – a beautiful girl in her late teens. Although innocent, there is a certain worldliness about her which has come from her life surroundings. She wears an attractive dress and hair style of the forties.

Secretary – as modern as they come, she is dressed in a trench coat with bright boots. Under the coat she is wearing only a bikini. She speaks with a slight foreign accent and is breathtakingly beautiful.

Box office girl (or house usher) – exactly as the audience sees her (or him) when they enter.






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